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Manuel Puro

Manuel has over 20 years casting experience working across feature films, television, computer games, music videos, commercials and shorts.

Recent projects include sci-fi thriller MUTE (Duncan Jones' follow up to MOON), the WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES video game for Andy Serkis' Imaginarium and MUSE - an international horror feature film from renowned Spanish director Jaume Balaguero.

Manuel is regularly invited to host mentoring sessions with organizations such as the National Film and Television School, iFeatures, the Edinburgh Film Festival and the Directors Guild of Great Britain. He has held casting workshops all over the world.

Manuel was the winner of Casting Call Pro’s inaugural Casting Director of the Year Award – voted by actors for the casting director they felt most comfortable with and who they thought got the best out of them.

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About this Course


This 10-Day part-time course focuses on teaching you the technical aspects of self-taping and how to handle a variety of common filming scenarios that can come up - it covers framing, eyelines, actions and movement. 

How Does The Self-Tape Masterclass Work?

  • At 7pm each day (in your own time zone) you and the entire group will be emailed an audition piece with a particular filming challenge, along with tips on how to self-tape that piece from a technical point of view.
  •  Your task is to interpret the role, learn the lines, film your self-tape using the guidelines provided and to upload the file by 7pm the next day.
  • Repeat for 10 days, with a different filming challenge each day, until you are confident that you'll be able to tackle any filming scenario that a casting director can throw at you.
  • Manuel will be on hand to give you feedback each day, and at the end of the course each participant is eligible to a 10 minute one-to-one Skype call.

Why 7pm?

We think this will give you the best shot at being able to read the material, come up with an interesting take on the character, learn the lines, think about how you want to film the scene, sleep on it - and then find the time to tape it the next day. We appreciate it is a quick turnaround, but most real-world auditions or self-tape requests follow this kind of schedule. If you can handle this you can handle anything.

Can You Interact With The Other Participants?

Yes, just like in the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge we encourage a strong community spirit.

You'll be able to view each others self-tapes and offer words of  encouragement, support and constructive criticism in a private and safe environment (all footage is hosted on a secure, password protected site). You'll see auditions from a casting director's point of view - you will watch multiple actors' approaches to the same  role, allowing you to explore what creative choices they made with regards to the character, their delivery, their clothing and use of props. You'll learn what works in a self-tape.Plus, you will have a chance to see first-hand the technical approach that other actors are taking – their lighting set ups, camera  choices, what software they use to edit. All of this information is  shared and discussed, tips and techniques exchanged.

The course invites collaboration. You are able to start your own discussions on any  topics you find interesting, or ask any questions of the group – who usually come from all over the world with their own opinions and unique experiences. We want you to be there for each other.

It is easy to share photos, videos and chats safely and securely within the system - you'll never have to share your  contact details with anyone unless you want to.

What Kind Of Material Will You Receive?

The audition pieces have been carefully selected from film, tv and other works and each will have it's own filming challenge. We start with simple set-ups (these still have to be framed correctly!) and move to more complex scenarios involving your character's movement, actions and multiple characters.

We hope that you'll be inspired to get the Acting Habit by taking the 10-Day Self-Tape Masterclass and look forward to seeing you on the course - thank you for reading!

Manuel and the Puro Casting Team, 2019