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Manuel Puro

Manuel has over 20 years casting experience working across feature films, television, computer games, commercials and shorts.

Projects include MOON and MUTE directed by Duncan Jones, SHAUN THE SHEEP: FARMAGEDDON for Aardman Animation and PLANET OF THE APES: THE LAST FRONTIER, the first in-house video game from Andy Serkis’ The Imaginarium.

Manuel regularly hosts mentoring sessions with organizations such as the National Film and Television School, iFeatures and the Directors Guild of Great Britain, and has held casting workshops all over the world.

He was the winner of’s inaugural Casting Director of the Year Award – voted by actors for the CD they felt most comfortable with and who they thought got the best out of them.

In 2017 Manuel created The Acting Habit, an innovative online platform where actors from all over the world can share their work, receive and give feedback, experiment creatively and learn new technical skills.

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About this course

What is The Self-Tape Class?

A 5-day part-time online group course that you can do from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Hosted personally each day by casting director Manuel Puro, the Class focuses on teaching you the technical aspects of self-taping and giving you the knowledge of how to handle the most common filming scenarios that you could be asked to submit. The material each day is quite short, so it’s less about learning lines and more about good framing technique, thinking about eyelines in various situations, and we’ll explore solutions when you don’t have a reader available.

How Does The Self-Tape Class Work?

*At 7pm each day (in your own time zone) you and the entire group will be emailed an audition piece with a particular filming challenge, along with tips on how to self-tape that piece from a technical point of view.

* Your task is to interpret the role, learn the lines, film your self-tape using the guidelines provided and to upload the file by 7pm the next day.

* Repeat for five days, with a different filming challenge each day, until you are confident that you'll be able to tackle any filming scenario that a casting director can throw at you.

*Manuel will be on hand to give you personal feedback each day.

What Kind Of Material Will You Receive?

The audition pieces have been carefully selected from film, tv and other works and each will have it's own filming challenge. We start with simple set-ups (these still have to be framed correctly!) and move to more complex scenarios involving interactions with multiple characters.

Are There Any Other Reasons You Should Do It?

*All participants will be invited to attend a live online Q&A hosted by Manuel that takes place at the end of the Class on Friday March 26th at 7pm UK time.

*All participant receive one year's free membership of Acting Habit Plus - our online courses hosted by other working casting professionals. This is a unique opportunity for you to interact with a casting professional in the way that you are likely to in the real world – by self-tape – but this time with the benefit of getting their personal feedback each day.

*All Acting Habit alumni are eligible to enter The Acting Habit Community – where you can join graduates of previous courses, keep your new habit active and much more besides – details supplied during the Class.

We hope that you'll be inspired to get the Acting Habit by taking The Self-Tape Class and look forward to seeing you on the course - thank you for reading!

Manuel and the Puro Casting Team, 2021

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What are actors saying about The Self-Tape Class?

"What a fantastic course. I'm pretty comfortable with technology, but the tips and advice on details like framing, eyelines, lighting and editing are invaluable. It's great to know what people are looking for in a self-tape, and I definitely feel much happier about the whole process. The chance to watch and learn from other people's takes on the same material is really great as well. Thanks so much for the course and feedback." David Martin

"I have learnt so much over the past few days from Manuel and the other actors. Invaluable advice, not just about bringing character and your own take on things, but technically, with eye-lines, framing, lighting and use of apps. I have enjoyed it so much and will definitely be using all of the tips and advice I’ve learnt. I cannot recommend it enough!" Hayley Grainger

"Such a great experience working on this five day course with Manuel. Although I've done my fair share of self tapes and feel pretty confident with the technical aspects - I've learnt so many new approaches to dealing with lighting, eye-lines with multiple characters, and working with pre-recorded audio. I'd definitely recommend anyone who's auditioning for screen to give it a go." Lee Comley

"This five day challenge has been invaluable - I have learnt so much from Manuel in a considerably short space of time. I have always been a little bit daunted by self tapes but now I really feel like I've regained control over the process and feel equipped with everything I need to produce the most hassle-free tape I can Thank you again" Cicely Whitehead

“A brilliant course that has left me feeling a lot more comfortable with the joys of self taping. I feel like I’ve been given enough information to feel confident practicing and improving, and not dreading when a casting comes in requesting a self tape.” Cindy Evans

“I’m feeling so much more comfortable in front of the camera after this course, as well as with the set up and technology side – something I think a lot of us struggle with. I’ve totally honed my self taping set up and skills and feel much more confident going forward. A lot of the stress I usually have with self tapes is gone!” Gabrielle Sheppard

“Superb, honest, safe and inspiring are only a few words to describe the Class. Manuel offers in depth information and advice on lighting/equipment tools, software/apps and valuable techniques to improve your character choices and overall delivery. It really is an eye opener, especially for anybody who doesn’t realise how important lighting, framing and eye lines are in order to master your self tapes. I now feel completely at ease and way more confident.” Jazmin Hudson-Owen

This course has been so enjoyable. It’s amazing what a difference small technical tweaks can make to a self tape. Being part of a group means you learn from each other too and the time constraints make you much more efficient. Highly recommend giving it a go!” Laura Trundle