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Manuel Puro

Manuel has over 20 years casting experience working across feature films, television, computer games, commercials and shorts.

Projects include MOON and MUTE directed by Duncan Jones, SHAUN THE SHEEP: FARMAGEDDON for Aardman Animation and PLANET OF THE APES: THE LAST FRONTIER, the first in-house video game from Andy Serkis’ The Imaginarium.

Manuel regularly hosts mentoring sessions with organizations such as the National Film and Television School, iFeatures and the Directors Guild of Great Britain, and has held casting workshops all over the world.

He was the winner of’s inaugural Casting Director of the Year Award – voted by actors for the CD they felt most comfortable with and who they thought got the best out of them.

In 2017 Manuel created The Acting Habit, an innovative online platform where actors from all over the world can share their work, receive and give feedback, experiment creatively and learn new technical skills.

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About this course

What Is The Taking Direction Bootcamp?

A group course where you all perform a series of five monologues twice - first with your own interpretation, and then again after personal feedback and direction from casting director Manuel Puro. It will hone your taking direction skills and take you places that might surprise you.

How Does The Taking Direction Bootcamp Work?

* At 7pm on the first day you will be sent a monologue. Your task is to interpret the role, learn the lines, film your self-tape and upload the file within 24 hours.

* Manuel will give you personal feedback on your interpretation, and also direction for another take of the same material that has to be uploaded by 7pm on the second day.

* Manuel will give feedback on the re-directed interpretation.

* Repeat for four more monologues over the remaining eight days, until you have completed two versions of the five monologues.

* At the end of the Bootcamp each participant is eligible to a 10 minute one-to-one Skype call where you can discuss anything you like.

What Kind Of Material Will You Receive?

The monologues have been carefully chosen from a variety of films and each can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. You are encouraged to let your imaginations run free to develop your own backstory for each character, determine who they are speaking to and create your own scenario for why they are giving the speech.

We hope that you'll be inspired to get the Acting Habit by joining the Taking Direction Bootcamp and look forward to seeing you on the course - thank you for reading!

Manuel and the Puro Casting Team, 2019

You can give the Bootcamp as a gift by purchasing a Gift Certificate here:

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What are actors saying about the The Taking Direction Bootcamp?

"A brilliantly stimulating course!! The amazing thing about taping every day is that I discovered that I could be resourceful, not overthink it and make instinctive decisions about a script very quickly. The fact that you get tailored feedback and redirection from Manuel is brilliant: you get to see when your ideas are coming across clearly, when they’re not, and how your choices read. And I can now read every script one way and then flip it on its head! Manuel has created a truly brilliant resource for actors - your craft will be so enriched by The Acting Habit." Fleur de Wit

"I cannot recommend the Taking Direction Bootcamp highly enough. To not only get to work on an excellent piece of material, but to also have the opportunity to take on some brilliant direction for a second taping is everything I live for as an actor. I also took inspiration from the amazing work of my fellow actors and their positive, affirming comments on my work. I hope there are more courses like this in the future." Pippa Winslow

"An essential tool for any actor in any stage of their career! It´s great, not only to be ready to trust our first impulses on new material but also to be flexible and transform it into something completely different. Manuel´s directions and feedback are priceless, really relevant and focused on each actor. Another really important part of it is the fact that we all share our tapes with each other. It´s really interesting to watch different people´s approaches on the same piece of script and their opinions on yours." Raquel Cipriano

"Thank you for another fantastic course. I cannot stress how useful it is to play and explore material on a daily basis. This is the perfect follow up to the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge, with the added bonus of tailored and specific re-direction. I recommend it to all!" Sarah John

"This course is an absolute shiner! What a brilliant idea and so well put together. I really loved how we were so encouraged to go for it. Grab a choice and run with it. The re-direction I was given and watching others with their re-direction gave me great insight into what it is that makes an engaging self tape. With the constant flow of feedback and comments, it really felt like a team and community to be safe in, hear honest feedback and somewhere to improve or just give it a go. Overall the course gave me permission to go with my intuition rather than taking a safe choice. I would massively recommend it." Amelia Bennett

"This course was absolutely fantastic! Everybody was so talented and to see so many different initial interpretations of the same script was such an eye opener. The difference on this course from the 21-Day Challenge was that you knew you were going to be getting direction to do it again which gave me the courage to try different things - risks I may not have taken for a self tape in real life. Thank you so much " Karen Ash

"Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Even better than the 21-Days!" Nina Hatchwell

"I enjoyed and was terrified by the original 21-Day Challenge but it transformed my self tape process and helped me with live auditions as well. I think the Taking Direction Bootcamp is a further step up and an absolute must whether you have done the 21-Day or not, I have totally enjoyed it. Cannot recommend it enough and I think it might just be the best investment you make in your career this year." Shekhar Varma

"This course has been invaluable. It’s a very logical step from the 21-Day Self-tape Challenge. Manuel has been on hand every day with great feedback and constructive notes - I have learned as much from his direction as I have watching the other students’ work. I cannot recommend this great course highly enough - to be honest, it has completely turned around the way I view myself on screen, as an actor, and as a critical outside eye!" Andrew Lennon

"I thought the texts chosen were all great and I enjoyed watching all the original interpretations and the direction taken by everyone.  It was playful and fun and I appreciated the amount of feedback we were able to get.  Your courses are absolute genius and I describe them to my agent and friends as the best courses I have done since graduating which is the absolute truth!  What was different about this from the 21-Day challenge is for me it is a step closer to being 'in the room' when you hear what the CD / director liked and the road they want to take things down and it was a delight and very inspiring to see people do the craziest of situations with aplomb throughout!  Thank you so much Manuel.  The time and care you put in is hugely appreciated."   Nadia Nadiff

"Thank you so much for such an invaluable learning experience, Manuel. On the Taking Direction Bootcamp, I have learned and grown so much from your feedback and from the comments and tapes of the other actors on the course.  It has stretched my imagination and freed me up from doing what I thought was the 'right' interpretation of the text.  The feedback that Manuel gives is invaluable, he always sees exactly what you are going for and then flips it or changes your direction to something you'd have not thought of but is nonetheless a great challenge and above all, fun.  Watching everyone else's interpretations gives you the confidence to try new things and the support that you receive is always super generous and encouraging.  The course has certainly changed the way I will approach auditions and self tapes from now on. I would absolutely recommend this course." Alex Middleton

"I highly recommend this class to anyone who loves the joy of acting.  The opportunity to have direction from a professional casting director, and get feedback from other professional actors in a warm upbeat community is uniquely delightful.  How many times do we walk into an audition after hours of prep, hear the words, "Thank you very much", but we never know how we could have made it better?  And we never know how another actor has taken that script in a different direction. And my favorite part is taking direction and doing it again.  This, for me, is the playful part of acting.  Memorizing lines just to perform it once. Yuk. Playing with it again...completely differently is so much fun!" Kathryn Berghoff

"It's been brilliant as a refresher for someone who did the 21-Day course almost a year ago, and a progression beyond the standard self tape route where you could get stuck in one way of thinking about a scene. Having the direction frees you up to play a lot more, and the support that comes from the other actors means you're able to make bold choices with confidence." Claire Dean

"Thank you for the course - it's a very enjoyable work dynamic! The re-directions you gave me led me out of my comfort zone into places I never thought would be part of my range. I found these ten days challenging - it gave me a great kick, and I realized how much preconceptions can restrict oneself.  I'm glad you created this safe environment so I felt confident to explore. I've learnt a lot about my ability to produce on screen emotions, and about what is or isn't easy for me. I finish the course definitely more confident, so thank you, very much, again".Aude  Le Pape

"I've found this course immensely enjoyable and very beneficial too, it's wonderful to have a casting director not only watch but redirect our self-tapes, giving us a chance to play with range and different types in a safe and supportive space. It's been lovely seeing everyone else's work and different versions too." Claire Richardson

You can give the Bootcamp as a gift by purchasing a Gift Certificate here:

UK£69€75 / US$84CAD$110AUD$123 / NZ$128